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Old 21-05-20, 10:17 AM
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DOOM Eternal is ditching Denuvo in its next PC Patch

A different form of anti-cheat may come at a later date.

Read more about id Software's plans to remove Denuvo Anti-cheat from DOOM Eternal.

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Old 21-05-20, 01:17 PM
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It's a bit sneaky how it was added after launch, and even a little underhanded. Get them buying the game, playng the game, competing online, then hit them with Denuvo. That has done a lot mare damage after the fact than if the game came with it.

Denuvo DOES have it's problems and certainly performance penalties, but it's a necessary evil to keep cheaters off the game.

I certainly don't like it's ability to run at the kernal level, a sacked/disgruntled employee could easily give patching details to hackers... and they have a huge userbase to attack and no one would have to know about it.
very naughty.
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