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Old 12-05-20, 09:16 PM
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Day 2 of AMD's GPUOpen revamp focuses on Unreal Engine Optimisation

AMD's working to make Unreal Engine faster.

Read more about AMD's GPUOpen Unreal Engine Optimisation tips & tools.

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Old 12-05-20, 10:53 PM
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Only good came come out of this seeing as this is the most popular licensed engine and UE4 isn't all that great with performance to begin with.
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Old 13-05-20, 06:18 AM
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They need to sort out Unreal's terrible asset streaming performance.

..any Unreal engine game I've played has always suffered from framerate drops, no matter how powerful the CPU & GPU combination you throw at it, when streaming in open world assets from the hard drive, even on fast SSD's.
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