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Old 23-03-20, 12:00 PM
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Intel's Rocket Lake is due to be Intel's biggest desktop CPU upgrade in years

A new core architecture, PCIe 4.0 and more? Yes, please!

Read more about Intel's planned Rocket Lake architecture.

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Old 23-03-20, 12:17 PM
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Old 23-03-20, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RobM View Post
They are still competitive even at 14nm. More bandwidth for NVME drives was long overdue on Intel's platform.

There is a typo: "Comet Lake hasn't been released for desktop CPU platforms yet, making it unlikely that we will see the release of Rocket Lake before 2020. Even then, an early 2020 release seems unlikely." It should be 2021. Unless this was a leak from the parallel universe.
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Old 23-03-20, 01:00 PM
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Intel pretty much sat on their hands release wise for the last decade, they should have massive upgrades ready to go.
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Old 23-03-20, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
They are still competitive even at 14nm.
Competitive in performance, not so much in cost. Even with their higher pricing, their margins must be getting pretty dismal at this point.

Even with Skylake they were on about 175mm^2 monolithic dies for the 8 cores with only a slither going to the GPU at that point, could easily be looking at 250mm^2 10-core monolithic die sizes, if they still have to go that route, it's hard to see how they could even get into the same loose price bracket as AMD for a given core count in terms of BOM cost.
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