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Old 14-01-20, 11:06 AM
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Sony will not be present at E3 2020, despite the PlayStation 5's planned launch

Sony instead plans to be present at "hundreds of consumer events across the globe".

Read more about Sony's lack of an E3 2020 presence.

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Old 14-01-20, 12:21 PM
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Can't blame them
Why pay all that money to present at E3 when you can tweet and post on social media and get the same if not more coverage without leaving the office
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Old 14-01-20, 12:24 PM
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E3 hasn't been exciting or relevant since social media got so big.
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Old 14-01-20, 10:27 PM
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One of the big things that has ruined E3 is all the developers leaking things to the press months in advance making E3, which was a pretty cool show, Kind of pointless now.
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