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Old 02-10-19, 12:43 PM
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SteelSeries refreshes its classic Sensei mouse with the Sensei Ten

The Sensei is back, and better than ever.

Read more about SteelSeries' new Sensei Ten mouse.

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Old 02-10-19, 01:25 PM
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Been running a Sensai for over 5 years now without an issue. Might be time for a refresh!
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Old 03-10-19, 03:17 AM
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A 92g wired mouse. 2009 called, it wants it's tech back.
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Old 03-10-19, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Linchpin View Post
A 92g wired mouse. 2009 called, it wants it's tech back.
Well, Sensei is popular enough that people might just want a new similar one, so there's no learning curve.

Much like the IntelliMouse and Mx518 refreshes.
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Old 03-10-19, 05:38 PM
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Still using a Kana V2? On my second rig. I absolutely love it. Nice and simple, not too heavy, well built and a joy to use.

You can keep all of your bolt on tat.

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