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Old 26-09-19, 04:01 PM
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Respawn brings the Medal of Honor to VR with Above and Beyond

The game will be exclusive to Oculus' Rift platform.

Read more about Respawn Entertainment's VR-only Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

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Old 27-09-19, 01:37 AM
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I mean say what you want about it not being available for any other platform... This is a move that should really be celebrated because....

1) It furthers the adoption and progression of VR as a whole.

2) Its RESPAWN ENTERTAINMENT - The game has come full circle which means that Vince Zampella has his baby back!

For those that dont know Zampella worked on MoH:AA before he went and founded InfinityWard and made the first CoD game with them. MoH:AA is one of the BEST games in the entire franchise and it was the same for CoD when it was Zampella behind the design of the game.

Every MoH game that didnt have zampella involved flopped and was an absolutely forgettable experience.

So despite it being on Oculus only. Zampella being back behind the wheel gives me new hope that maybe the franchise will live on and he will get EA to release new MoH titles for PC and consoles.
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