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Old 16-09-19, 03:32 PM
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Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 is reportedly using an AMD CPU

Will the Surface Laptop 3 be an AMD-powered system?

Read more about Microsoft's rumoured AMD-powered Surface Laptop 3.

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Old 16-09-19, 07:11 PM
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About time
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Old 16-09-19, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by grassman View Post
About time

I expect razer and the others to do so as well. I think the best part of it, is that AMD don't try to force manufacturers to use high-end hardware which means we'll probably be finding more options to fit more needs, sometimes people ask me to recommend a notebook for a given task and I end up feeling like they're overpaying for things they don't need, like if they need high end GPU they are bound to get high-end CPU even if they don't need it. I end up trying to persuade people to go for a desktop instead, this way I can select each component individually.

A girl recently asked me to show her both options, a desktop that would perfectly fit her needs would cost $3400 in local currency with 16GB, GTX 1060 and 2nd gen R5 CPU, a laptop would cost $6300. with i7 8th gen 16GB and GTX1060, technically slower in every bit for her use case but way more expensive.
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Old 17-09-19, 09:17 AM
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Im all for more AMD laptops CPUs, but the reality is that they're behind Intel with their mobile CPUs, especially on the high-end.
If this were a 4th gen Zen 2-based mobile CPUs, then that would make total sense, so maybe next year?
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Old 17-09-19, 10:17 AM
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They're sort of behind on the CPU side until they update to 7nm, but it's still a step up from the 8th gen U CPUs available on the Surface Laptop 2, and more importantly for ths target market a huge jump up in graphics, with better driver support for a lot of graphics intensive applications too. Plus it probably would only require a refresh rather than a new platform to switch to the 7nm parts once they're available, with Intels two split platforms of "New efficient low end tech" or "Old high end tech" for their 10th gen mobile lineup probably not looking nearly as appealing if there were plans to update going forward(And sure, maybe the "new but not high end" Ice lake platform has more than adequate graphics now, but at what price and availability?).
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