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Old 30-08-19, 10:25 AM
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The Witcher 3 is selling better than last year - "top-quality games pays off"

The Witcher 3 is continuing to see strong sales in 2019.

Read more about The Witcher 3's strong 2019 sales.

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Old 30-08-19, 05:26 PM
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When you make quality games, give away skins and simple missions away for free, only charge for things that should be charged. You tend to gain the gaming communitys trust and that is key these days. Gamers are toxic and unrelenting not to forget letting emotions run their decisions. Gaining their trust is the best way to make money.

Not gonna lie though Mark, that HD version 10 mod did bring me back for a bit. It's so beautiful. Only stopped because of School.
I am Iron Man.
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