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Old 02-08-19, 12:34 PM
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Intel's Raja Koduri hints at $200 Discrete GPUs with a 2020 release date

Intel plans to start its GPU business with "GPUs for everyone".

Read more about Raja Koduri's $200 Intel GPU plans.

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Old 02-08-19, 01:01 PM
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Damn! if they're saying "for everyone", meaning consumer/gaming. And starting at $200, then that means there must be at least mid-tier graphics, maybe even higher end options.
2020 is going to be an interesting year for graphics!!
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Old 02-08-19, 01:21 PM
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Is this the year prices come back down to reality? I can't see it, but I'm also an old cranky cynic. Just can't see us NOT having $1000+ GPUs at the top end. Once the market sets a standard like that, and idiot customers buy into it, it's hard to go back.
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Old 02-08-19, 01:31 PM
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They'll want to start on the smaller end given the challenges of scaling up(and the ~$200 bracket is the largest segment for gaming) but they've also indicated they want to sort of replace their Xeon Phi line with this initiative so it probably won't be long until there's big large more AI/compute-orientated(At least price to perf wise) HBM cards.
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Old 02-08-19, 03:48 PM
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They have no reputation and are the new kid on the block with not much driver support and developer support like AMD or Nvidia. They have to charge less.
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Old 02-08-19, 05:18 PM
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Honestly I am hoping they upset the market like AMD did with Ryzen CPU's, yeah it wasn't the best at launch but a few years later, it's a lot better and is mostly the choice for people who want performance and a low price.

I know I am probably crazy thinking that Intel would actually release something at a decent price but you never know, as NeverBackDown said they have from our knowledge limited developer support and probably limited driver support for this potential level of GPU.

For me as long as they can compete with nVidia and do it whilst being cheaper then I would be happy to buy a card from them, when I need to buy a new card because at the moment for me, AMD just has nothing really that is a "upgrade" more like a side grade, and I am not about to drop over £1k to get an upgrade for something, that to me should be around the £800 at the most.
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