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Old 05-07-19, 09:22 AM
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AMD's reportedly lowering the prices of Navi ahead of their 7/7 launch

AMD's being Super reactive.

Read more about AMD's reported plans to lower Navi's pricing.

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Old 05-07-19, 09:41 AM
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If their goal is to maintain their original undercut against the non-Super cards they'd need to knock about 40USD off the top and 20USD off the non-XT assuming this rumours true. Not that AMD ever has anything loosely resembling consistent launch day pricing across etailers or regions due to the way they only reccomend pricing points and let the sellers decide for themselves if competitions too fierce.
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Old 05-07-19, 10:22 AM
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Hey Lisa.

How are you.... Mmmm... i have to be honest with you. Navi cannot compete with Nvidia Super cards in performance. And at current Super prices....its possible that our navi cards stay on the Shelfs forever.

MMMMm...ok i get...what can we do? Well...lets lower the prices. We cannot compete in performance anyway, so .... people will chose to have a few bucks more in their pockets instead of buying Nvidia cards. Lets hope so right??

Ok then. Reduce it a bit. 329$ for RX 5700 and 400$ for the XT version. Hope that makes us win some adepts.

Done. Bye!!!
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Old 05-07-19, 10:36 AM
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To be fair NVidia essentially had to move every card down a pricing tier to compete with Navi. The 2070S is a bargain bin 2080 and the 2060S is just shy of being a non-FE 2070.
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Old 05-07-19, 05:41 PM
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Aaaaaaand what did I say?
"Those really high 20 series prices are just place holders"

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