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Old 05-06-19, 10:30 AM
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Nvidia's reportedly working with Samsung to create 7nm Ampere GPUs

Nvidia's jumping straight to 7nm with EUV.

Read more about Nvidia's plans to utilise Samsung's 7nm EUV node.

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Old 05-06-19, 10:49 AM
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Isn't this >6 month old news that was reposted by stock analysts without any further confirmation or detail(Probably to jiggle around stock prices in their favour)?

Here's the original source I think https://news.mynavi.jp/article/20190101-749503/2

They claim NVidia will be launch partners on Samsung's 7nm EUV node, which is more than possible, but given NVidia has dual-sourced from Samsung & TSMC for a while and both have very similar EUV 7nm nodes that went into production within months of each other I'm not sure I'd take that as meaning exclusivity to either yet. I'd guess the main reason for using Samsung atm would be that their fabs seem to be under much less demand at the moment so could cater to heavy demands from NVidia well.
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Old 06-06-19, 10:43 AM
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Got to be a hard pill to swallow with Samsung licencing Navi IP for mobile instead of their long term customer that is supposed to be top in their field...
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Old 06-06-19, 10:49 AM
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To be fair, AMD has much longer & closer links with Samsung than NV do, given Samsung has manufactured all of their current GPUs bar the RVII, as well as their current APUs and CPUs(While also essentially gifting the tech for the other manufacturer of these dual-sourced parts, GloFlo).
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