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Old 04-06-19, 07:50 AM
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Apple goes full-Apple by selling $4,999+ Pro Display XDR monitor without a stand

The stand costs $999. Yikes!

Read more about Apple going full apple with their stand-less $4,999 Pro Display XDR monitor.

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Old 04-06-19, 08:20 AM
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I heard this on the radio last night, isn't the latest mac pro starting at $5,000
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Old 04-06-19, 08:29 AM
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I don't understand Apple at all... Why would you do this lol
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Old 04-06-19, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Dark NighT View Post
I don't understand Apple at all... Why would you do this lol
Because they know people will pay for it
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Old 04-06-19, 12:23 PM
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The big question is, "Will the stand be available on it's own and can you order more than 1?" I have an old 19" Acer monitor that is just begging to be upgraded.
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Old 04-06-19, 01:41 PM
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Apple has been on the crack pipe again i see.
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Old 04-06-19, 02:29 PM
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Every item that they showcased is ridiculously overpriced. The fact that people were outraged only by the stand makes me think that it was a deliberate strategy to distract from the fact that these are insane prices.
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Old 04-06-19, 02:38 PM
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To be fair, with the desktop, you can't really get a truly equivalently spec'd (ECC and so on) PC for much less, though we don't know how the top end spec pricing plays out yet. Also if you want to develop mobile apps, you kinda need at least one PC with MacOS unless you're gonna try and virtual machine it.
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Old 05-06-19, 08:28 PM
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Haha the audience laughed when he announces the stand. He even stutters after being surprised by their response. He even shifts the slide quickly.
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Old 06-06-19, 11:00 AM
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TBH if you are dumping 15 grand on a PC and monitor a grand for a stand is a bit of a drop in the ocean.
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