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Intel Next Generation Chipset - Eaglelake-P and Eaglelake-G

While Intel next-generation Bearlake has not been released, Intel has just announced its plan on another new generation chipset. Bearlake would be soon replaced by Eaglelake in Q208. HDMI and DisplayPort output connection are features in Eaglelake; while PCI-E 2.0 support would further put the standard into commonplace.

Eaglelake has two derivatives to be released in Q208, namely Eaglelake-P and Eaglelake-G. Similar to Bearlake, Eaglelake features support on 1333MHz FSB processors like 45nm Dual-Core Wolfdale and Quad-Core Yorkfield. On the other hand, instead of DDR3- 1066 support in P35 and G33, DDR3-1333 is further supported in Eaglelake. Since it’s estimated that DDR3 will not be commonplace until 2009, DDR2 memory controller is still a built-in feature with a full support at DDR2-800. In addition, ICH10 will be coupled with Eaglelake.

Despite PCI-Express 2.0 featuring on Bearlake, this support would only appear in the high-end X38 chipset. As value choices, Eaglelake-P and Eaglelake-G, however, have PCI-Express 2.0 support added, which features a jump of speed in 2.5GT/Link to 5GT/Link. This support would further put the standard into commonplace.

It is not yet known what gains the IGP engine will offer in 3D performance. It is confirmed features include: Display Port, HDMI, DVI, and HDCP (originally planned in G35) are all transferred to Eaglelake-G. The IGP would feature new Clear Video engine, while HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are further strengthened. Together with features on Bitstream Processing/Entropy Decode, Frequency Transform, Pixel Prediction and Deblocking, CPU would no longer be the bottleneck on video decoding.


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When are they gonna release a boss chipset for AMD? Whats the latest for AM2, 590SLI?
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