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Old 21-05-19, 02:41 PM
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PlayStation 5 demo footage surfaces, Loading time reduction Showcased

The PlayStation 5 is gonna be fast!

Read more about Sony's PlayStation 5 console.

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Old 21-05-19, 04:18 PM
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Looks promising, May be tempted to move to a console for the next gen. Will be even more tempted if Sony put in good mouse and keyboard support, I can't afford to stay in the PC gaming sector. When I upgrade my CPU and mobo this year it will be the last time I reckon, these GPU prices are not looking like they are going to reduce anytime soon and if consoles are looking at (looking at is the key here) 8k gaming and RT im gonna need to get a better GPU.
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Old 21-05-19, 04:44 PM
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Yeah new consoles are gonna be something. Roughly 1080 performance and a Zen 2 CPU is still a great option even today for 1440p60. And since consoles allow for deep optimizations, damn it's gonna be good. I hope it's not a 500GB SSD. That'll fill up quick!

At least they have a thunderbolt 3 option. Or anything to keep external storage fast enough so we can still expand our system storage.
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Old 21-05-19, 04:57 PM
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Since it's a proprietary solution that would need to have fixed minimum speeds across all variants & setups I think we can assume the solid state storage is acting as a second level cache for the system memory, and from info so far that system memory looks like it'll be split somewhat too. I don't think there'd be much benefit in going beyond 128GB with how they've demo'd it so far, seems like it loads all the games media on initial launch to speed up in-game world load times & streaming, even 64GB would be more than enough for most titles atm since you don't need all the games media loaded in. Obviously, allowing users to access it as a storage device would make the use cases they've demonstared so far more or less impossible to guarantee for devs if a user wanted to use a USB device or similar for storing more games, so I don't think it's at all possible this will replace HDDs in any way.
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Old 22-05-19, 01:41 AM
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The new crapbox has a ssd......it should've been there last gen....
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