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Old 19-04-19, 11:54 AM
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GTA 6 appears in the resume of former Rockstar artist

It looks like Grand Theft Auto VI is in development.

Read more about GTA 6 appearing on the Resume of a Rockstar Artist.

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Old 19-04-19, 12:15 PM
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Didn't Microsoft say they're maintaining forwards & backwards compatibility between generations for a while? So Xbox One's will be able to play most "next gen" games for a while? With the next gen initially being a premium option for the first couple years? Personally I'd think with the similarity between generations, with the same general architecture and only minor API/ISA/extension changes, that quite a lot of upcoming games would be cross-generation using mostly the same code base and just different compilation configs for a while, like how UWP already works in many ways between PC & Xbone. We already saw this between generations that were wildly different so to me it's abit of a no brainer now the only work is optimisation after they pulled it off so well with GTAV, it's amazing how well optimised that game is on every platform.
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