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Old 08-03-19, 10:43 AM
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Valve lays off 13 full-time staff, some of which worked on SteamVR

A number of contractors have also been let go.

Read more about Valve laying off 13 full-time employees.

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Old 08-03-19, 11:58 AM
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To be fair didn't they announce around the time they stopped manufacturing the Steam Link that they were phasing out their hardware ambitions, I guess Steam machines never really went anywhere and VR so far has been very niche which only really leaves their Steam controller as independent hardware they work on and that was released like 5 years ago.

Absolutely love the Steam controller, still think its the best controller on any system for many types of games, and would love to see them develop the concept further, but I've got a feeling they're just going to kill off their hardware aspirations entirely, it's a risky & costly business for a software company in many ways, and their lack of focus on software has been painfully obvious over that time scale, and I guess the issues from their software abandonment have really come to roost recently.
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