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Old 14-12-18, 01:05 PM
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Intel Launches B365 Chipset, Welcome Back 22nm

An upgrade/downgrade of B360?

Read more about Intel's new 22nm B365 chipset.

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Old 14-12-18, 01:21 PM
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That's a good idea, IMO. Especially if it keeps costs down. Will be good for vendors to knock out cheap PCs.
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Old 14-12-18, 08:44 PM
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They switched chipset production to 14nm because they expected to be on 10nm by now, chipset node for Intel historically more or less always lags the core node by a generation or two so they can keep the more expensive fab space for the higher margin products while keeping older fab space in wider use until the hardware gets converted or modified to another node much later down the line(Generally, the per-chip economics of a node should eventually improve with each generation, but of course the upfront costs are generally much higher and initial yields much lower, so keeping a node in life for much longer than it's cutting edge is pretty important regarding its economic viability). But of course things have fallen a little out of step and now the chipset side needs to hop back abit too to keep demand balanced until 10nm is a viable node for most of their CPUs.
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