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Old 25-10-18, 03:01 PM
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Corsair releases their K70 RGB MK.2 LOW PROFILE keyboard

Cherry MX Low Profile switches for the masses.

Read more about Corsair's K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard.

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Old 25-10-18, 06:54 PM
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My wishlist for a keyboard, A TKL version of the K95 Platinum, Same light strip across the top of the keyboard, Same volume wheel and mute button, USB passthrough, Cherry MX Blue RGB keys with already pre-installed PBT double shot keycaps BUT with a neutral non "gamery" font and detachable wrist wrest with a neutral pattern, No diagonal lines, Just nice and clean.

I know they'll never bring it out but if they did they would get my money.
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Old 25-10-18, 06:58 PM
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They already got your money Dice

I just wish they revise there wrist rest. Currently they absolutely suck. Razer's is faaaaaaaar better. Hard plastic isn't a wrist rest Corsair, especially when it's so much lower than the keyboard and the keys. I'm sure this low profile setup helps but still, Razer of all people is doing it better.
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Old 26-10-18, 12:42 AM
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I love low profile keyboards. Will this come in white, bare aluminium variant?
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