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Old 22-10-18, 05:58 PM
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Why you shouldn't buy games at launch

Did you miss last week's deep discount?

Read more about Shadow of the Tomb Raider's steep discount.

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Old 22-10-18, 06:20 PM
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I pretty much always pay that at launch so I get the savings and get to play at launch
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Old 22-10-18, 06:37 PM
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I paid less than that for the croft version at launch
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Old 22-10-18, 11:09 PM
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To be fair, this seems to be the norms for all new releases published by Square-Enix. Hitman, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy XII and XV, previous Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest, etc. They all follow the same pattern where 3 to 4 weeks after release they will already be on sale up to 50%.

That can even be true for PS4 games, I remember FFXV being 40$ even 3 weeks after release (Physical on Amazon). Noticing that trend, I stopped buying SE games on release OR to be fair, you can probably get a permanent 25%+ discounts on legit 3rd party websites too for steam keys.
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Old 22-10-18, 11:55 PM
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It is almost never a good thing to preorder a game. It will probably be buggy. Look at that. A HotFix? That has never happened before. In the time they release proper patches (1-2 weeks) it will be on sale. So if you w8 a bit, you get better gaming experience for less money. It is win-win.
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