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Old 30-07-18, 03:27 PM
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Samsung 970 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe Review

Following the roaring success of the Samsung 970 Evo, it's time to see how the 970 Pro matches up.

Samsung 970 Pro 1TB M.2 NVMe Review

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Old 30-07-18, 04:52 PM
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I got one of these exact ones last week (1 Terabyte model). It's pretty great.

Pic of it in the Asus Dimm.2 thingy

Benchmarks I ran on it compared to the 850 Pro and some 840 Pro's in RAID0.

It's certainly fast. It makes me excited for PCIe 4.0 and what they'll do with that. Possibly 7GB/s reads? 1 Million IOPs? (the 1TB 970 Pro is already at 500,000).

For me it's a great SSD for running a lot of virtual machines on my desktop system which I need for testing all the various software I write under different load scenarios.
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Old 30-07-18, 09:26 PM
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Just bought one for my new PC!

Haven't even booted it up yet, still working on flushing the radiator and cleaning the loop...soon, soon!

Was really torn between the 1TB Pro and the 2TB Evo, but ended up with the Pro 970 and another 16GB of RAM. I can always add the 2TB Evo later!
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Old 31-07-18, 08:19 AM
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The pro modell is actually the more expensive modell because it uses mlc nand instead of the evos tlc nand. It also has a much longer warranty and higher reliability. As you have shown it is sometimes a bit slower though.
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Old 31-07-18, 11:34 PM
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i have had my 970pro(s) since launch, and i am not complaining. they are epic.

i doubt i will have to replace them for many years (or atleast until M.2 tech changes significantly).
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