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Old 13-06-18, 04:12 PM
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MSI warns users about Fake/Unauthorised GPU Sellers

MSI issues warning against unauthorised dealers.

Read more about MSI's warning against Fake/Unauthorised GPU Sellers.

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Old 13-06-18, 05:27 PM
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excellent now got me thinking about the one i got just 4 days ago
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Old 13-06-18, 06:00 PM
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I decided to check the first site for giggles and found that it actually says "Free shipping on all Dyson machines" You'd need a lobotomy to fall for that
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Old 14-06-18, 01:40 AM
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The whois look up on the domain is a huge giveaway, a residential block in China and recently reregistered at an address in China that doesn't exist. Just spread the word and be vigilant online, I know we are all pretty tinterwebz savvy but some of our loved ones especially the elderly and young naive aren't so lucky.

Anyhow the company in question responsible for these bogus domains of which there are hundreds is the Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development co. ltd, and they are currently under investigation by ICANN.
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Old 14-06-18, 03:38 AM
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Good of MSI to warn their customers about these bogus sites and bogus sites like these should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
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Old 14-06-18, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Excalabur50 View Post
Good of MSI to warn their customers about these bogus sites and bogus sites like these should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law
Who is stupid enough to think that they will get a GPU like this for 80$, for real some people just beg for being scammed, since they dont use their brains. The fact that some people fell for this is a crime on mankinds intellect, these sites, obviously wouldnt exist if they didnt make good money from naive people. Its the peoples fault, the site is just an effect of peoples greed and naive behavior.
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