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Old 07-03-07, 11:40 AM
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Commodore PC Is Making A Return

How many of us here are old enough to remember the Commodore 64? Well it appears that Commodore are making a comeback and are ready to make a splash back into the computer world with a new gaming computer that will be shown later this month during CeBIT in Germany. Ah the memories of the beige keyboard and tape based games


Originally Posted by name='Jim'
"Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel may be 12-time world gaming champ, but how does he cope inside a 50c hot box sucking on a heavy load?":rocker::rocker:
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Old 07-03-07, 12:25 PM
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A new gaming computer or a pc ?

Maybe a bit additionally cynical and not euthoric, but u have to understand that being a member of both the cbm and amiga communities, u get similar stories every year and nothing happens.

Easiest thing of course is just to be a gaming pc constructor.

But to come out with their own customized chipsets and stuff ? again ? that would be close to ambitious.

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Old 07-03-07, 04:41 PM
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I had a VIC-20, LOL...When Commodore 64 came out I thought it was the greatest.
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Old 07-03-07, 05:41 PM
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I dont know if it will come back as it has got some pretty stiff competition, it is nice to reminisce though. Still remember playing commandos on it with pete burns you spin me right round as the theme music. brilliant.

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Old 07-03-07, 06:08 PM
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Ah the Comodore. When i was a wee lad i started on one of those things. I remember playing Elite and Battletech forever.
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Old 08-03-07, 07:49 AM
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Hmmmmm, why am I not over excited by this?

It's just a brand name isn't it? Can be applied to anything really. Commodore Camping Accessories, Commodore Chocolate, Commodore Chicken, Commodore Commodes......

When 'Commodore in the flesh' went under in the late 80s the brand name was sold, then re-sold, then re-sold again......

The original Commodore were pushed into the PC market before their demise, while they were being managed by a certain Mehdi Ali who, after Commodore finally bit the dust after running up huge debts because of this foray, took out a court injunction to stop them from hunting him down, and went into hiding.

In the meantime small software independants/bedroom programmers have kept a steady, if infrequent stream of titles flowing for machines like the VIC and C64 series.

Somehow I don't think peeps will be as passionate about a bundle of ASUS, ATI/nVidia, Soundblaster hardware in a box with a red, white and blue C= logo on the front running Windows. If they went back to manufacturing their own hardware and managed to kick the PC we know in the pants, then yeah, that would be great.
If Salvador Dali had a PC, would it have a surreal port?

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