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Old 17-05-18, 09:12 AM
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Xbox reveals their Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities

Making gaming accessible to more potential players.

Read more about Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive controller for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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Old 17-05-18, 02:00 PM
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Friend of mine in America actually lost all of his fingers on 1 hand in a motorbike crash and used to be heavily into gaming, I'll see what he thinks of this.
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Old 17-05-18, 02:15 PM
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This is epic.
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Old 17-05-18, 05:05 PM
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This is truly a wonderful thing. Something so flexible and customization oriented. Bravo Microsoft for realizing that everyone should be able to game.

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Old 17-05-18, 06:25 PM
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Well done, Microsoft.

I'm surprised that Bethesda didn't come up with something like this so more people can play Skyrim, since it can now run on household appliances. Maybe they'll create something that will allow pets to play it.
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