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Old 16-05-18, 08:02 AM
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Metro Exodus has been delayed until early 2019

It looks like we will need to wait a little longer for a game with Ray Tracing elements.

Read more about Metro Exodus' delay until 2019.

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Old 16-05-18, 08:37 AM
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Gutting I won't get to play this year, but I 100% respect this decision. Much better than releasing a half baked game and fixing it later. Good on them!
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Old 16-05-18, 09:06 AM
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As much as I desperately want to play Exodus, I was expecting them to push it back, for such an undertaking by such a small studio the announcement to release window was rather small.

Gives me more time to get a beefier GPU for it now.
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Old 16-05-18, 10:47 AM
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There it is :/
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