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Old 14-04-18, 10:02 AM
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Shenmue I and II Remasters are coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4

Shenmue is finally coming to PC!

Read more about Shenmue I/II's HD remasters.

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Old 14-04-18, 10:34 AM
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Great...a whole new audience will now find out what overrated, dull, Sega fan boy games they are.

Nostalgia led, Rose tinted spectacled nonsense.
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Old 15-04-18, 01:54 PM
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Loved Shenmue 1 when I had the Dreamcast, Must have completed it 20+ times, Never got round to playing Shenmue 2 though so this is a definite buy for me.
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Old 15-04-18, 11:55 PM
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Ever since they started releasing some of the main DC games on steam I really wanted them to add these 2 games least when it comes to games made by Sega. It's the right thing for them to do, they would be crazy to not get them out before 3 comes along later in the year, thou I feel it may be early next year hard to say.

Now by today's standards these game aren't really anything special the first is the better game but the 2nd follows directly on from it so I don't judge these as two games rather as 2 chapters.

But saying that these games had a hell of a lot of companies involved in making them, it did a lot of firsts in gaming in terms of technical things and of course QTE which while other games have done, none have done it as well as it's done in these games.

Rose tinted, maybe, these games are not perfect but as teen I loved playing these with the virtual fighter style game play mixed with story and actual arcade machines and the dart and lucky hit, Yakuza is very much the spiritual follow up to these games.

I will pick these up to enjoy again before Shenmue 3 comes out which I have been waiting for ever since the end of the 2nd game it's been a long wait but while not all will enjoy these or see there value many many people have been waiting for these to see the light of day again and a follow up too boot.
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Old 17-04-18, 01:04 PM
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I was a massive fan of Shenmue back in the day but I never got round to finishing Shenmue 2. I backed the Kickstarter for a Shenmue 3 and now that the re-release of 1 & 2 have been announced I cant wait to buy them.
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Old 17-04-18, 01:17 PM
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Never played the original because I sold my import Dreamcast to get an N64 with a Doctor on it. My mate was addicted to Shenmue though. He said it was one of the best games he had ever played..

I might check these out. I started playing Fallout New Vegas a few days back and couldn't believe how slow it was. Not like, slow as in low FPS because it's very easy to run, but slow as in the game itself. It feels like something from a different era. Now I know why I used to play it for about 10 hours a day. Really did take some getting used to tbh. Fallout 4 seems to happen very quickly. Like, you don't have to walk for 10 mins to get anywhere.
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