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Old 21-03-18, 04:01 PM
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Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned to testify in front of Parliament over data scandal

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have a lot to answer for.

Read more about Facebook's data controversy and parliament's request for Information.

One of these days I'll change my name to Mark Bench
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Old 21-03-18, 07:22 PM
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Even if it was true Trump still didn't win the popular vote. So it wouldn't even matter, it didn't work lol
As for the electoral college, looking at the map the liberal states voted for liberals as expected as did the Replubican states. He simply won over the swing States. Why? Because unlike Hillary, he actually visited those states a lot.

So just keep that in mind when you start seeing the dumbass US Media going bat* crazy over a "rigged" election

As for FB. I'm not surprised. The have the world's largest unstructured data and have no clue what to do with it. It makes sense they gave it away for money
The Cost of Freedom -
"A price payed gladly, in the hopes that the free, live better."
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Old 21-03-18, 11:49 PM
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Hopefully they will shut down Facebook then. That place is a sesspool of filth.
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Old 22-03-18, 02:25 AM
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Facebook should be shutdown, the amount of times I have reported pages that are dedicated to depicting horrible things being done to Jewish people, It's disgusting, But nothing ever gets done, Apparently they fall in line with their terms of service, You so much as disagree with a Muslim man or woman and you get suspended for 30 days, Not the fault of the Muslim man or woman but Facebook has become ultra ultra left and that can never end well.

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Old 22-03-18, 02:47 AM
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IIRC the captain of the Titanic was called Suckerberg !!!
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