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Old 08-03-18, 08:55 PM
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PUBG reveals their 2018 roadmap

A new map, upgraded "aesthetics" an emote system squad voice chat and more.

Read more about PUBG's 2018 plans.

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Old 09-03-18, 06:00 AM
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Well... Now that they've implemented their anti-cheat systems, players are randomly getting banned even without doing anything xD

the new asset looks promissing, although I think I've never seen the old one on Erangel

A smaller map with hopefully a lower player count (which could be 25, considering the map is 1/4 of the size of both bigger maps) would be nice for shorter matches. Maybe they will also restrict the modes to just solo and duo then, as well. I actually don't like playing 4-player Squad... Don't know why, but it always just seems as everyone is talking and you can't really concentrate on sound etc... Is guess I'm the only one who likes duo and 3-player squad the most?^^
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Old 09-03-18, 07:33 AM
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So they're still trying to make PUBG an esport.
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