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Old 07-02-18, 12:53 PM
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AMD 2C 4T Athlon 200GE with Vega graphics appears on SiSoftware database

A Zen-based Athlon?

Read more about AMD's Athlon 200GE CPU.

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Old 07-02-18, 01:07 PM
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Gaming performance

All eyes for budget buildeers on their gaming performance !!!

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Old 07-02-18, 01:09 PM
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Good for low end users. Problem is if it has no GPU on it then that is another £60 expense before it even fires up.

Also, 2/4 is simply not enough any more. I watched a video recently where 4 core I5s were struggling like F and the 1600 kicked their ass.

Edit. Then I noticed Vega. That's great
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Old 07-02-18, 02:15 PM
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maybe good for low end users but will certainly add to the plethora of so called cheap "gaming rigs" that flood the market using APUs
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Originally Posted by RobM View Post
maybe good for low end users but will certainly add to the plethora of so called cheap "gaming rigs" that flood the market using APUs
I can see eBay being flooded with "Gaming PCs" using this CPU, the same way I still see a lot being sold with an FX 4100

I also agree that 2C/4T isn't enough anymore, but I would say this is most likely being aimed at ultra low power devices like Thin Clients, All in Ones and generally bottom barrel web surfing PCs. Will be nice to see prices come down again, seeing Celeron based units at nearly £300 is the reason I always buy second hand
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