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Old 08-01-18, 06:55 PM
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Corsair AX1600i PSU Review

What can Corsair achieve when they move away from Silicon to Gallium Nitride?

Corsair AX1600i PSU Review

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Old 08-01-18, 07:43 PM
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Wow. Overkill 3D is back

Fantastic unit. Amazing how similar it looks inside to the AX1200, only it's got a third even bigger capacitor in it
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Old 23-01-18, 12:13 PM
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It's impressive what they've managed and it's good to see GaN making it to the consumer space but it's a shame they used the Transphorm parts when EPC and GaN Systems parts are objectively better in a number of ways.
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Old 23-01-18, 01:09 PM
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The AX1600i is a great addition to the Corsair line up.

It would be nice to see a 2000W or higher version as there is a need for it.

The amount of power my 7980XE @4.8 and mGPU can use is silly numbers, it would be nice to be able to power it with a single PSU.
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