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Old 10-11-17, 10:03 AM
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EA acquires Respawn Entertainment for over $400 million

Respawn has been partnered with EA for quite some time.

Read more about EA's Acquisition of Respawn Entertainment.

I'm not saying that 1984 is a bad book, but the dystopia we are currently living in has much better worldbuilding.
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Old 10-11-17, 10:35 AM
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Just what we need, Titan Fall 3 with 500% more loot box purchases.
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Old 10-11-17, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by BigDaddyKong View Post
Just what we need, Titan Fall 3 with 500% more loot box purchases.
And then Respawn shutdown once TF3 fails to make a 500% profit
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Old 10-11-17, 01:54 PM
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And no great singleplayer either.
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Old 10-11-17, 01:58 PM
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May want to double check your spelling there. "Respawm" LOL!!!!!
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Old 10-11-17, 03:34 PM
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Give it another 10 years and this studio will be shut down. Calling it now
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Old 10-11-17, 03:35 PM
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Now we'll have a ton of DLC packs with skins that make us fell like a professional player. A TON of loot boxes to purchase (5,99 each or more) that will turn the tide of war with golden weapons that fires nuclear bullets, killing our enemies the same way as a normal weapon.

Well, it's sad...
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Old 10-11-17, 05:54 PM
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Oh crap. Another one bites the dust. I liked Respawn. Now they'll be forced to make cynically designed money grabbing games with no vision and no love.
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