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Old 04-09-17, 12:46 PM
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Sharp reveals their first 8K TV, which will start shipping later this year

It is far too early to be shipping an 8K TV.

Read more on Sharp's 8K TV.

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Old 04-09-17, 05:07 PM
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Why??? 4k is not even the norm yet. Not enough true content.....
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Old 04-09-17, 06:12 PM
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Mine as well be the first to market and give it a premium price. Even if they sold 1000 worldwide it would cover a lot of the cost just because of it's price tag.

We really do not need 8k though.
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Old 06-09-17, 01:36 AM
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inb4 linus buys 16 of them and does a 32k gaming rig attempt
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