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Old 03-08-17, 09:48 AM
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AMD creates a list of Threadripper compatible CPU coolers

Are you ready to cooler AMD's 12+ core Threadripper CPUs?

Read more on AMD's Ryzen Threadripper compatible coolers list.

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Old 03-08-17, 11:07 AM
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Not a lot of aircoolers on that list
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Old 03-08-17, 11:15 AM
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AIOs tend to have an enormous cold plate. Air coolers are trimmed and machined to make it the same size as the CPU. That's why.
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Old 04-08-17, 06:42 AM
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Still debating on if I want to do a TR build or not but if I do I think I would prefer to wait til manufacturers came out with coolers that were built for Threadripper. Ya gotta think these things are gonna put out a ton of heat and I think it would be better for overclockers if we had a block that fit the entire surface of the CPU. I understand that the blocks out today supposedly cover the heat spreader but I'd still prefer one that covers the entire surface. Heat spreader or not, the entire lid is going to dissipate heat.

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Old 04-08-17, 11:08 AM
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I will most probably build a TR machine but it would be in the P5 with a 480/80mm MONSTA radiator.

I would also wait for a full mobo waterblock as well to cool this beast. In short - custom loop and 480 MONSTA rad ONLY for cpu + mobo.
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