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Old 01-08-17, 12:48 PM
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ASUS reveals three X399 series Threadripper motherboards

Look at those Heatsink designs!

Read more on ASUS' X399 motherboard lineup.

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Old 01-08-17, 01:12 PM
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One point to consider- Many wireless cards can be used in hotspot mode, allowing your wireless devices in the vicinity of your PC a direct connection to your PC and whatever network it's wired to. IF the hardware supports it, this can also allow for technology's like Miracast and WiFi Direct to be used, though often proper software support is just as patchy as hardware support.
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Old 02-08-17, 02:44 AM
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I like the upgrade on VRM heatsink. Oldschool heatpipe+fins design. I am not that sure about the fan. Also i would like to see proper heatsink, like we had on X99 WS boards, it is not fancy but it is effective, and i really like it. Or if they don't want fins, make it like on Z170 deluxe. ASUS have done all this already. Why have they lost their mind?
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