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Old 14-07-17, 12:20 PM
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AMD Ryzen 3 pricing leaks

Pricing for AMD's upcoming Ryzen 3 CPUs has leaked online, showcasing some attractive pricing.

Read more on Ryzen 3's rumoured pricing.

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Old 14-07-17, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
Pricing for AMD's upcoming Ryzen 3 CPUs has leaked online, showcasing some attractive pricing.
And the prices are?
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Old 14-07-17, 12:31 PM
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Click the article.

Great prices. Was hoping one would be like a flat £100 but hey it's close. TBH at 4ghz in most games they should perform quite well. I did note that some of the 5s had less cache than the bigger chips and this did impact gaming performance a little.. Still, I would rather have four real cores than two and a pretend pair.
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Old 15-07-17, 04:35 PM
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The pricing makes no sense by spending 20 more to get hyper-threading being the logical purchase at that price point
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