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Old 14-07-17, 08:27 AM
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Viking releases a colossal 50TB 3.5-inch SSD

How big is too big?

Read more on Viking Technology's 50TB SSD.

I'm not saying that 1984 is a bad book, but the dystopia we are currently living in has much better worldbuilding.
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Old 14-07-17, 08:33 AM
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Download ALL the Things!
It might look like I'm not doing anything, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.
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Old 14-07-17, 08:33 AM
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Old 14-07-17, 08:46 AM
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That'd take at least 1.65 days to fill it.
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Old 14-07-17, 09:15 AM
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Is it weird that I want one? I would never fill it. But I want one!
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Old 14-07-17, 09:45 AM
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Finally enough room for my uplay origin and steam library
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Old 14-07-17, 11:50 AM
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I want 2 in RAID0, just so I can lose even *more* data!
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Old 14-07-17, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Chopper3 View Post
That'd take at least 1.65 days to fill it.
Glad to see you accounted for the (dumb) units of storage manufacturers use otherwise it would have taken at least 1.73 days to fill. And nobody got time fo' that!

P.S. Seriously though why can't they use TiB, GiB and MiB... We lose 4.5TiB this way!
User: Hooray finally got my 50TB SSD!
Windows: Nope, that's 45.47TiB for you and not a MiB more!
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