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Old 06-07-17, 12:43 PM
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Studio Wildcard has doubled the price of Ark: Survival Evolved on Steam

This increase is to prepare for the game's official launch on August 8th.

Read more on Ark Survival Evolved's increased pricing.

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Old 06-07-17, 01:14 PM
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I think I paid £8 in the sales, played (tried) it for a while got bored of the bad performance and jarring graphics and never really could get back into it.
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Old 06-07-17, 01:49 PM
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I've had so much fun with this game for over 2 years, but I would never pay the price they are asking now. I think I paid 23 euro for it, and that's what its worth imo.
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Old 06-07-17, 02:07 PM
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The pricing on this is insane, as was their move to sell dlc before it was ready and just use that to justify it being a full game price, no wait more expensive then most other big titles. this is disgusting.
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