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Old 27-06-17, 11:50 AM
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EU fines Google €2.42 Billion after Anti-trust investigation

An EU Commission has fined Google €2.42 billion as a result of an anti-trust investigation into their shopping comparison services.

Read more on the EU fining Google for Anti-competitive practices.

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Old 27-06-17, 05:18 PM
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Does it really matter? I mean why wouldn't you as a company want to be a part of the Google Ecosystem for sales? They are the most dominant player in the market. Get on board to get your sales.
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Old 27-06-17, 09:33 PM
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Never really understood how the EU managed to argue their way around this to such a harsh conclusion in all honesty.

Case in point when you consider that ‘Google’ if marketed would most definitely be considered a ‘service’ shouldn’t it be free to incorporate whatever it wants / feels would be beneficial into its service package in this case a shopping search function. Beyond that why should Google be forced to create a separate search engine (or domain page) just for its services’ shopping results at the advantage of its competitors; you don’t see the local (non-IMAX) cinema advertising the local IMAX screenings now do you?

Besides how would you decided which price comparison website should be placed higher in the search results? Wouldn’t putting TESCO above ASDA for example be providing unfair competition? In this sense arguing that putting Google at the top is unfair; would it be fair to have any one ‘at the top’?

Further and perhaps more importantly Google owns that domain (and subsequent webpages) so considering the technicalities wouldn’t that mean that Google owns that ‘space’ and as such be free to place whatever it wants there? (Provided of course that it isn’t inherently illegal e.g. child pornography, drug sales, etc.) Arguing against this opens a very slippery slope relating to web freedoms; Facebook wants to push across its messenger service? Sorry can’t do that it’s not fair on the competing Skype, discord, TeamSpeak, etc. services, guess Facebook is going to have to hide its messaging service and / or while also promoting the competition in the same prominence as its messenger service...

The only thing I partially agree with would be the deliberate lowering of price comparison websites rankings however if it is as worded in this article then I’d argue then Google is fair to an extent as it doesn’t /need/ to filter its own search engine results; they designed it. However for competitor sites they do need to filter them and while I’m not privy to their algorithms I imagine these are considering factors such as accessibility (from multiple devices, etc.), content, advertisements, etc. and from my experience with these websites they typically come across as badly designed (doesn’t transition well from computer screen to mobile phone, etc.) and are full of flash advertisements.

I think my fundamental gripe is that I just don’t agree that Google shouldn’t be allowed to prioritise its service over its competitors and I can’t help but think of the analogy as thinking of Google as a book. If I write a book I reserve the right to put whatever I want in it (provided that its legal) and put the parts of said book in whatever order I’d want too and, if I wanted to I could change it in a later revision to something else and, I’d most definitely reserve the right to not mention competitor books.
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Old 27-06-17, 10:16 PM
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I assume all that money will go to the companies who were losing out on sales, probably more like going to get a few extra toilet seats in Brussels
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