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Old 31-05-17, 09:25 AM
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Intel promises a 30%+ performance improvement with their 8th Generation of CPUs

Intel has officially promised to deliver a 30%+ performance boost with their new 8th Generation of CPUs.

Read more on Intel's promised 30% performance boost on their 8th generation of desktop CPUs.

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Old 31-05-17, 09:30 AM
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I suspect more cores slightly lower clock speeds is more likely than say a 7700k and then add pure 30% performance.

Could even be from a memory standpoint too. 30% more effective bandwidth.
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Old 31-05-17, 09:45 AM
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So given their 15% is about 2% in real terms, I suspect we will see about a 4% improvement?
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Old 31-05-17, 11:27 AM
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30% extra performance, intel are having a laugh.

Having said that intel could ditch integrated graphics on their mainstream CPUs and give them a bit more number crunching ability.
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Old 31-05-17, 11:57 AM
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Giving them more (& faster) cache memory in the right places can make a BIG difference to IPC performance, I suppose.
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Old 31-05-17, 11:59 AM
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6th Gen to 7th Gen 15% Better Performance on Sysmark
7th Gen to 8th Gen >15% Better Performance on Sysmark
Looool I'll be expecting 5% at most, Sysmark scores mean jack.
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Old 31-05-17, 12:14 PM
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TBH, 30% is not enough as we all know that means less than 5% improvement in real terms.

I also don't want them calculating that on number of cores, memory speed or factory overclock. No trickery.
Give me pure performance in the IPC. If they can't deliver that then it's not even worth my breath.
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Old 01-06-17, 08:53 AM
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Angry 30% is not quite enough

Good number but the heat-flow? We knew how much these coolants are, even cost for making CMOS.

Perhaps Shall I consider to make a new Parody AD for Intel just like What Jimmy does? I have a draft of making it.
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