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Old 29-05-17, 05:03 PM
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Cryorig's TAKU monitor stand ITX chassis has hit Kickstarter

Cryorig's TAKU monitor stand ITX PC chassis has hit Kickstarter, giving the public the chance to make this innovative new case a reality.

Read more on Cryorig's TAKU ITX monitor stand chassis hybrid.

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Old 29-05-17, 05:10 PM
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This is a seriously minimally sexy looking chassis


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Old 29-05-17, 06:08 PM
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I would definitely buy that if it works well
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Old 29-05-17, 06:12 PM
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Would fit nice under a TV for movies off the net
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Old 29-05-17, 09:47 PM
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One of the best looking PC cases I've ever seen.

Would get one in a heartbeat but I don't have a spare $300 right now
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Old 29-05-17, 10:33 PM
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not impressed

looks pretty, but way-off from a space saving design. Mini-ITX is, well, mini? why have the 3.5 drive? why have 2 ssd's? it's trying to be too flexible and missing the point.

Either 'game it up', and keep the GPU space plus use the unnecessary HDD\SDD space for an innovative watercooling solution (i.e. design something other than a box), or make it small using regularly available mini-itx features like m.2, and top end on board graphics for regular computing.

The monitor supporting aspect of the case is not related to it's size, the design is a cop out, and a cheap way to support weight.

All in all, looks like the first attempt at designing a case, it is not innovative in ANY way, does not offer anything new over buying a desktop mini itx case and putting your monitor on top of it, apart from the looks.
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Old 29-05-17, 11:38 PM
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Nice idea and concept really. Although I don't see why multiple colours will be available later, if the front part is still white?.
Having a black, red or blue body, but a white front? That just puts me so off. If they would have made it completely in your desired colour, than it would've have gotten my money easily.
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