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Old 05-05-17, 05:34 PM
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PC is now Activision/Blizzard's most profitable platform

PC has now become Blizzard's most profitable platform, with PC earning almost as much as all consoles combined in terms of net revenue.

Read more on PC becoming Activision/Blizzard's most profitable platform.

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Old 05-05-17, 05:43 PM
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Not really surprising
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Old 05-05-17, 10:05 PM
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They can thank Blizzard for that money. Nobody cares about Activision anymore.
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Old 05-05-17, 10:22 PM
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Blizzard is the biggest cut on pc with WoW legion and Overwatch being the most used plataform PC, but in 2017 we have Destiny 2 on pc and that will be huge, next year we will probably have the next WoW xpack and something else. I can see blizzard keeping these numbers up on pc with the help of her little BFF Bungie.
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