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Old 15-12-16, 03:19 PM
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Nintendo Switch reportedly using a Nvidia Maxwell-based SoC

Nintendo's upcoming Switch console is reportedly using a Nvidia Maxwell-based SoC and will not be using Nvidia's modern Pascal GPU architecture.

Read more on Nintendo's Switch console.

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Old 15-12-16, 03:48 PM
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The trend of Time>>Product continues.
I wonder how cooling is handled if the system enters into a higher power state when docked. If you need to have it docked to have what is most likely more playable performance, save the R&D monies and just make it a fixed console without a screen and come in at a lower price point or higher performance for the same price?!
Why upgrade from the first generation Wii if this will target max of 720p?
Oh Nintendo. Just re-release the original NES and SNES with all original titles if possible and watch the sales skyrocket compared to the new hardware.
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Old 15-12-16, 04:14 PM
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I have been a Nintendo fan ever since I had my first NES console. Even so tech goes on and for the better, but where once Nintendo were pioneers they are now at the bottom end of the tech chain.

Yes yes I hear you fan boys that tech is not all and playability is more important.... relax. The thing is that Nintendo is only relaying on PAST glory titles all the time like Zelda, F zero etc etc.

Why chose a older based gpu tech when there are better options that could put them neck and neck with the Ps4 and xbox or their newer counterparts??

Yes yes, Nintendo is for kids now...... but why not give them todays graphical power???
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