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Old 21-08-16, 03:16 PM
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30 minute of Forza 3 Gameplay

Let's have a look at 30 minute of Forza Horizon 3 gameplay footage. Are you excited to see a mainline Forza game come to PC?

Read more on Forza Horizons 3.

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Old 21-08-16, 03:36 PM
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I'd be more excited if they gave us the full-fat Forza 6. The Horizons spin off reminds me too much of TDU.
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Old 21-08-16, 06:53 PM
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i must say it looks amazing, loved the Forza series over the years but not sure if my graphics card for 1080p (lots of eye candy on) is upto it. ill try the free demo and see.

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