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Old 09-08-16, 10:30 AM
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Sony's PlayStation Neo may be revealed next month

According to multiple sourced Sony's PlayStation Neo may be revealed next month on September 7th.

Read more on the PlayStation Neo.

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Old 09-08-16, 10:55 AM
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Although there's more chance of me getting married to a model than this happening but I wish Sony would come out and just say, yeah, we're gonna use HBM2 and then walk off the stage lol
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Old 09-08-16, 04:30 PM
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Basically an underclock RX 480. Which then in turn means it's probably equal to a boosted RX470, which makes sense seeing as its rated for roughly 4.2TFLOPS. Which when combined with how much Devs can get out of the hardware, is going to be very impressive indeed. Then a much needed CPU clock speed boost with faster system memory just means this thing is gonna fly.

Then next year the Scropio will release and Neo will be quite a bit behind. Then Neo 2 will come out and we will have a weird console release schedule.
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