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Old 27-07-16, 12:45 PM
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ASUS announces their Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard

ASUS has announced their new Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard, which comes in a neutral colour scheme with RGB lighting and customizable parts thanks to 3D Printing.

Read more on ASUS' Z170 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard.

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Old 27-07-16, 04:07 PM
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inb4 rants about RGB lighting
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Old 27-07-16, 06:01 PM
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The Idea with the 3D Printed Parts is nice but i don´t think that an "Enthusiast" that Owns a Printer that could Print that in Decent Quality would buy an Mainboard at that Price Point, we shall see how many of them end up just stock ot of the box.
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Old 28-07-16, 09:19 PM
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It's definitely a cool idea to give 3D board models.
If it was detailed enough and someone had access to a mill, you could even make your own waterblocks or heatsinks!
I know around me there are several establishments that allow group use of fabrications tools and workspaces which for small-run or individual parts that one could model at home and then produce on an as-needed basis.
Technology! Huzzah!
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