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Old 27-01-07, 10:20 PM
all4spl all4spl is offline
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ok i need help overclocking please...

Here are all my specs.

Biostar TFORCE6100-939

Geilone TCCD 2x 512mb

opteron 148.

XFX 7900gs

I have tried and I go to run prime and it stops in like 4 seconds... Here are options that I have to change and i have know clue what they are.

Cpu frequency

Hammer Fid Control

HT frequency

Memclock Frequency

Watch Dog Timer

Here are memory stuff I don't know..









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Old 28-01-07, 07:34 AM
mrapoc mrapoc is offline
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OK you need to tell us the default timings for your ram as we need to calculate how much you will need to slacken them (mine were 5-5-5-12 now at 5-5-5-15)

After we've done that you will need to disable any features you dont need or may interfere with overclocking, such as cool and quiet and other powersaving, autoconfiguring crap ^^. After we have configured all your settings it literally upping the fsb, changing the muliplier and upping the voltage where necessary...and keeping an eye on temps.

Don't forget to do a superpi 8ms test every 50mhz (i go up in 25 and do a 4ms each time then 50ms every 2nd time)
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Old 28-01-07, 08:20 AM
NickS NickS is offline
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Look on XS. They have numerous threads about TCCD & specific timings.

Sony VAIO CS110E 14.1" :: Core 2 Duo T5800

3GB DDR2-800 :: 250GB HDD :: Intel Media Accelerator


Gateway GT4024 :: Intel Pentium D 805 :: 1GB DDR2-667

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Old 28-01-07, 09:44 AM
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The most helpful one being:

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