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Old 24-05-16, 04:15 PM
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Corsiar announces Dominator Platinum ROG Edition Memory

Corsair has announced their new Dominator Platinum ROG Edition Memory, which can run at speeds of 3200MHz and boost to 3333MHz when used with ASUS ROG motherboards.

Read more on Corsair's ROG Dominator Platinum memory.

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Old 24-05-16, 05:16 PM
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Have asus realised that most people didnt like the rog orange and have shifted back to red. but hoe does one differentiate between this model and the other red top models that they do when installed. That strip with the rog branding isnt alway visible. Its not bad but it you are going to pay for a rog brand the rog brand should be visible at all times
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Old 25-05-16, 01:38 AM
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..... More crap. The Dom plats were perfect...
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Old 26-05-16, 03:35 PM
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there goes another hole in my pocket i guess for a second rig
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Old 27-05-16, 11:04 AM
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Dominators have lost their shine.

I would rather have Klevv over these.
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