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Old 11-01-16, 08:22 AM
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Seasonic Flagship Prime Titanium Efficiency PSU

Seasonic are about to release their Flagship PRIME series power supply, with 80+ Titanium Efficiency, a ten year warranty and passive fans at up to 45% load.

Read more on Seasonic's Prime series of Titanium PSUs.

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Old 11-01-16, 08:47 AM
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10 years! Thats brave!
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Old 11-01-16, 09:06 AM
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Wow that's a huge warranty will be interesting to see what price these come in at
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Old 11-01-16, 09:25 AM
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EVGA PSU's have been doing 10 years warranty for a while now and they're are only Gold rating
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Old 11-01-16, 10:57 AM
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Do they still have stupid OCP though, how high does the sunmoon go again Guv?

It looks like they kept the XP3 pinout too, shame there wasn't a 1500 i'm getting fed up with my stupid Seasonic, definitely don't want to keep it for 10 years so the warranty is irrelevant.

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Old 11-01-16, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
10 years! Thats brave!
Corsair take note
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Old 11-01-16, 02:31 PM
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Sublime soldering job!


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Old 11-01-16, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by notcool View Post
Corsair take note
I reckon this is easier for Seasonic to do as they actually make the units whereas Corsair rebrand them. Also, if it breaks Seasonic can repair them on their own while Corsair need to send them off to the OEM.

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Old 11-01-16, 02:36 PM
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These do look pretty, love my Platinum 860w!
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Old 11-01-16, 08:13 PM
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Wheres my fansless one.
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