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Grand Theft Auto IV -- Some Minor Info

Originally Posted by name='Electronic Gaming Monthly
[I]"Separating the real s*** from the bulls***."[/I']
For a series defined by its open nature, it's ironic that getting even the slightest info about a new GTA is more difficult than 100-perceting San Andreas. Here's what we know about GTA4 so far: It'll hit the PS3 and the Xbox 360 on October 16, with each version getting some unique downloadable content. And that's it. Still, that doesn't mean the theories about this biggie aren't swirling around the Internet. Let's take a peek at some of the rumors:
  • In late 2003, GTA parent company Take-Two Interactive registered the trademarks GTA: Bogota, and GTA: Tokyo (in addition to GTA: Sin City and GTA: San Andreas...hmm). Particularly, the historic Bogota, Columbia-sometimes called the Athens of South America-has amazing potential, with a mix of colonial architecture and skyscrapers, a diverse culture and large socioeconomic rift. Oh, and wait...there's a Bogota, NJ, too? Let's just move on.
  • Network-programming job positions posted on Rockstar North's website led to rumblings that GTA4 may be a massively multiplayer online game. Yeah, an MMO is just what the series needs, because it doesn't have enough jerks filling its streets to begin with. While we are certain online will be a huge part of GTA4 (those PSP modes were just a testing ground), it won't be THE game.
  • Regardless of location, the next game will focus on one city instead of a sprawling region. With the new systems offering so much more power, thoughts of bustling intersections and myriad unique interiors abound. A city as alive as New York certainly hasn't been done justice yet. Done with enough detail, less could be a hell of a lot more.

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I was hoping for the baron deserts again!

Damn I loved that San andreas desert.. I heard that its gunna be set in europe...

EDIT: Wait a second... They have done New York.. (liberty city) I hope it has some kinda baron part... I LOVE OFF ROADING!
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