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Old 13-12-15, 01:28 PM
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Apple computers to be targeted more by hackers in 2016

Experts predict that Apple computers to be targeted more by hackers in 2016. Is Apple really a safe platform?

Read more on Apple being targeted by hackers.

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Old 13-12-15, 07:49 PM
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As safe as any really, none are foolproof. Or can just be plain bad luck.
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Old 13-12-15, 08:26 PM
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No platform is safe. If they want to get in, they eventually will.
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Old 13-12-15, 11:26 PM
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It's safer than it deserves to be considering how low on the computer savvy spectrum an average Apple user is.
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Old 14-12-15, 08:32 AM
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Well it was only going to be a matter of time. I've seen a couple of infected Apple mobile devices this year and the point of infection was through browser exploits. I've also had users come in with infected Macbooks because the Apple store advised them to not download AV. Apple have been under constant attack since the primary user of an Apple device changed from a graphic designers/wacky 'alternative' types to your average Windows user.

While Apple continue to put up a fight it will still be a good deal more secure than 99% of Android devices just down to how they are able to push out updates without relying on manufacturers to modify the update for specific devices. It'll be interesting to see how secure the new Android based Blackberry devices are.
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Old 14-12-15, 08:41 AM
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It's about as safe as a perforated condom.

It's so safe you can hack it and run it on a PC....

The only reason it's been left alone was due to the user base. But I would imagine that's climbing now.
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