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Old 24-06-15, 11:58 AM
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AMD R9 Fury X Review

The Fury X is finally upon us and we get a chance to see how the High Bandwidth Memory coupled to the latest Radeon GPU fares against the stiff competition.

AMD R9 Fury X Review

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Old 24-06-15, 12:04 PM
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I don't think they made it so small to show off, they made it small because that's all the size it needed to be because they didn't need to spread it out to fit the memory on it like they used to, from an engineering perspective and from a customers perspective there is no reason to make something bigger if it doesn't need to be.. it would just be a waste of material and a waste of money.
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Old 24-06-15, 12:06 PM
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£509 on overclockers . but there is a £140 premium on the ones that are in stock


edit all sold out within 30min
and the 980ti is £509 this weeks only offer
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Old 24-06-15, 12:10 PM
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Scan.co.uk has em in stock
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Old 24-06-15, 12:14 PM
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Well im not as blown away as what i expected.

But its a good card! The fact it can out perform the 295X2 says alot, im hoping with drivers and Windows 10 this becomes a beast.

The card was all sold out in 6 minutes, i sadly never got my order in quick enough, but after reading the review, im happy to wait for a few weeks!
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Old 24-06-15, 12:19 PM
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Seems like the Pro might be the one to wait for. This card is good but it seems to be selling very quickly.

I also don't like the size still. Hopefully its bigger with the pro.
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Old 24-06-15, 12:21 PM
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Watching on my lunchbreak, Great review so far with a haircut you could set your watch to.
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Old 24-06-15, 12:21 PM
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Really wanted to see the overclocking headroom on this, wonder if the voltages will get unlocked so we can play around with it
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Old 24-06-15, 12:29 PM
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Well seeing as the Titan X outperforms it in most things and REALLY outperforms it in others I might skip getting it and just stick with the Titan for the moment.

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Old 24-06-15, 12:29 PM
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I've gone through about 3 reviews so far and my initial feeling is mehhhhhhh.

I didn't want a card that would slot between the competitions offerings, I wanted a card that would give Nvidia boys something to worry about.

£509 for the reference 980ti at OCUK, think my decision is crystal clear at this point.
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